Rosacea Treatment

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Want to know the latest in Rosacea Treatment in the Houston, Texas area? Read the most recent findings on Rosacea and the best Rosacea skin care treatment.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an acne-like facial skin disorder. It generally first appears in people in their 30’s – 50’s as a redness on their cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Left untreated, tiny blood vessels become visible and the redness persists. Inflammatory papules (raised spots) or pimple-like bumps or pustules often develop. Some individuals may feel irritation in their eyes and have bloodshot or watery eyes. Although some aspects of rosacea are not known, the latest research has led most in the field of rosacea skin care to conclude that the underlying causes produce vascular changes, making it difficult to treat with a topical treatment alone. Both men and women can experience rosacea, more often plaguing those with lighter skin. Rosacea is not a disease that has a cure but is a chronic skin problem that can be controlled with certain rosacea treatments.

Photos courtesy of David Goldberg, M.D.

Photos courtesy of David Goldberg, M.D.

What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea’s causes are not completely understood, but we do know that there are certain environmental triggers that can lead to the symptoms listed below. The best way to determine if you have this condition is to visit a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin care issues, such as rosacea, and has the ability to treat the symptoms with multiple rosacea skin care treatment options.

Symptoms of Rosacea

There are many similarities between the appearance of acne and the actinic form of rosacea. Since the treatments are not the same, it is best to have a medical doctor evaluate your skin. If you are tired of being embarrassed and frustrated with flushing and break-outs and are uncertain if you are correctly treating your issues, you can schedule an appointment at our Galleria location in Houston, Texas.

  • Facial flushing or redness
  • Raised papules, pimples or pustules on the face
  • Broken facial blood vessels



What Triggers Rosacea?

There are many factors that may cause flare-ups. Occasionally, a more severe flare-up may occur causing intense redness, bumps and pimples. However, most triggers result in flushing.

The Most Common Rosacea Triggers

  • Sun exposure
  • Humidity
  • Stress or lack of sleep
  • Hot weather
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods

What are the Treatments for Rosacea?

At DermaHealth Laser, Dr. Cheri Post has over 18 years in both diagnosing and treating rosacea patients throughout the metropolitan area of Houston. She is a recognized laser trainer for Cutera and has specialized in the treatment of rosacea patients. Dr. Post combines laser and topical treatments to ensure optimal results. Using the latest in laser technology to address the underlying vascular problems associated with rosacea, Dr. Post has seen many chronic patients’ lives changed through the use of combination treatments.

As demonstrated in Dr. Voegeli’s study, there are certain lasers that are best suited for rosacea patients and have been a successful treatment for many patients in reducing the onset of this chronic disease.

To view this information please download the study here.

DermaHealth Laser Rosacea Treatments

  • Laser Genesis
  • Limelight laser treatment – combination of Nd:YAG & IPL photofacial
  • Facial topical treatments
  • Sunblock