Laser Hair Removal

In Houston, Texas

How Do You Effectively Treat Lighter Skin Types and Tones?

The ProWave 770 hair removal is a safe, gentle and effective method of permanent hair reduction. The cooled hand piece has the ability to treat large areas, such as women’s legs or men’s backs, in a short period of time.


How Do You Safely and Effectively Treat Darker Skin Types and Ingrown Hair?

The CoolGlide® laser hair removal system offers treatments for very dark skin and ingrown hair removal and is FDA cleared with a label of “permanent hair reduction.” This label is reserved for only the best performing hair removal lasers manufactured in the “permanent hair removal” category. The wavelength of the Cutera Coolglide laser provides a safe hair removal system for those patients with darker skin types and tanned skin. It has proven effective as a treatment for ingrown hair removal and treatment of the condition known as pseudofallicae barbae.

How Do These Lasers Work and What are the Outcomes?

Both lasers deliver infrared light, and hundreds of hair follicles are disabled in seconds. Most body hair and facial hair can be treated in an hour or less. No hair removal method, including laser, can assure that you will remain “hair free.” However, at the end of the treatment sessions, you can expect 70% long-term hair reduction, both in amount and thickness.

For white, blonde or very light red hair: Hair will not respond to laser reduction due to the lack of pigmentation in the hair follicle, even if the hair is dyed.