Injectables: Facial and Dermal Fillers

In Houston, Texas

Sagging skin, folds around the mouth, dark circles, forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet can begin to plague us as we age. This aging process can wreak havoc, diminishing our collagen, elastin and fat pads that support our skin. The result is that we lose collagen and volume in the facial areas causing sunkeness, lines, drooping of skin and an overall tired appearance. In order to correct this aged look, volume needs replacing and muscles need to be put in a “time out.”

In the Galleria area of Houston, Dr. Cheri Post has been delivering exceptional injectables and facial filler results, helping patients look younger and fresher for over 12 years. Allergan, the maker of Juvéderm®, Voluma and Botox®, presented her the award of Expert Injector. Why trust your skin to someone other than a physician? Let us help you look younger and vital! For your private appointment, contact us online or call our office at 713 270 6505.

Injectables And Facial Fillers At DermaHealth in Houston


Who Administers The Injectables And Facial Fillers?

At DermaHealth, Dr. Cheri Post administers all injectables and fillers to her patients, not delegating this procedure to a nurse, medical staff or aesthetician.

The Procedure

During the appointment, Dr. Cheri Post will discuss all your options and expected outcomes. Once you and Dr. Post have selected the right treatment for your skin, she will inject the proper amount of Botox into appropriate areas to relax and smooth serious lines. If a filler is used, Dr. Post will take special time to fill, massage and sculpt the affected skin area, artfully forming the perfect look for your face. As an artist herself, Dr. Post is able to visualize the balance and symmetry needed. Her special technique with Botox administration, leads to minimal if any bruising. Having artistic skills and an extensive medical background, Dr. Post is a leader in patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and safety. If you have been considering one or more of these skin treatments, contact us online or call our office at 713 270 6505 today for your private consultation.