Botox® Treatment

In Houston, Texas

Botox® Cosmetic treatment is a safe, simple, non-surgical procedure that smooths deep persistent facial lines and relaxes the muscles, often used to treat the area between the eyebrows and to soften crow’s feet. It provides one of the best wrinkle treatments available when administered in the upper face; however, Botox® Cosmetic is just as effective in lower facial areas, providing a smoothing and lifting outcome. Prior to being recognized as a cosmetic procedure, Botox® Cosmetic has been prescribed medically for decades and is FDA approved for the improvement of lines and wrinkles.

How is Botox® Different From Restylane and Other Fillers?

Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein that is diluted to a safe level before use. It works by relaxing the tiny muscles related to expression lines. As the muscles relax, the overlying skin becomes smoother and less wrinkled. Botox® Cosmetic treatments are delivered by injection with a micro needle and are administered in about 10 minutes. No anesthetic or sedation is required.

The results become visible within three to six days, with the maximum effect noted at two weeks and usually lasting three to four months. Over time, if Botox® Cosmetic is given regularly, the number of treatments may decrease to three or two per year. It is consistently voted by many professional groups as one of the best wrinkle treatments in the category of injectables.

Restylane, like Juvéderm, is a dermal filler made of hylaronic acid which is injected into areas of volume loss. It helps to restore a smoother appearance to the face by adding volume.