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Acne will affect most people during their lifetime. Whether you call it acne, pimples, pustules or cysts, it is difficult to be the one experiencing the problem. Although acne can be embarrassing, there are acne treatments available for everyone at every age. The faster you treat the issue, the more likely you are to avoid acne scars as a result of unresolved acne.

Photos Courtesy of Steven Ross, DO

Laser Genesis Treatment | Photos Courtesy of Steven Ross, DO

What are the Causes of Acne?

Acne can result from genetic, hormonal and environmental factors each contributing to your chances of occurrence or re-occurrence. Acne is the most common skin problem in the United States, today.

Acne develops when the skin’s pores fill with dead skin cells while simultaneously making excess amount of sebum oil, covering these pores and not allowing for normal shedding of the dead cells. Consequently, the bacteria living on the skin’s surface, called, propionibacterium acne, nestle inside the oil-clogged pore and thrive on the environment. Because it is a great place for bacteria to grow, this greenhouse effect causes them to multiply and irritate your skin, becoming inflamed and even cystic.

What Acne Treatments are Available?

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