How Can Painful Sex in Women Be Treated?

In The Galleria Area of Houston, Texas

Suffering In Silence Is Not An Option

Because many post-menopausal women suffer in silence with painful sex, vaginal tightening (dyspareunia) or vaginal dryness, you may not be aware that there is now a procedure to help correct these issues. In this new FDA-approved treatment developed by MD Anderson Urogynecologist Dr. Red Alinsod, a non-surgical radio-frequency device is used to restore vaginal tissue strength, health and vitality through a series of one to three 30-minute treatments. Dr. Cheri Post, a family practice physician and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice for 34 years, now performs this new procedure in her aesthetic practice, DermaHealth Laser Associates, in the Houston, Galleria area.

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Some Causes Of Painful Sex In Women

  • Menopause
  • Cancer Treatment – No hormone replacement therapy in some female cancers
  • Other Conditions – Such as Lichen Sclerosis and vaginal dystrophy

Menopause or the inability to take hormone replacement can cause the dryness and thinning of the vagina (vaginal atrophy) that follows the drop in estrogen. These are the most common causes of painful sex after age 50. It is reported that up to 45% of post-menopausal women experience painful sex.

Having less estrogen is a leading cause for loss of vaginal lubrication and a less stretchable vagina potentially resulting in a shortening and tightening at the vaginal opening. In some women, this can lead to a feeling of vaginal tightness during sex along with pain, burning and/or soreness.

Inflammation and irritation can also develop (atrophic vaginitis), leading to greater discomfort and sometimes tearing and bleeding of tissue with any penetration of the vagina.

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