ThermiVa Reviews

Houston, TX

Dear Dr. Post,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the wonderful care you have given me and my family through the years. Your kind and thoughtful professionalism has always been a great help and comfort whenever we were in need.

Recently, I completed the third treatment of Thermiva with you. I cannot thank you enough! The results have changed the way I can live my life. I am no longer having to go to the bathroom 15 to 20 times a day, get up twice a night and struggle not to wet myself before I can get my pants off. I thought my only options were medicines (with all their side effects) or surgery (with dubious results) Thermiva has changed all that. The procedure was painless and it worked!

This is an embarrassing problem most women don’t want to talk about. Dr. Post, thank you for giving me this option and giving me my life back. I’m no longer avoiding going places and doing things for fear of frantically not being able to find a bathroom in time. Anyone who has had this problem will understand what I mean.

Again, thank you.

Cindy K.


I have regained my self esteem and feel young, beautiful and healthy since starting Thermiva three months ago. I had an over active bladder: waking me up at night hourly, leakage during the day and all those embarrassing runs to the restroom wherever I was. At 58, my life was turning into a nightmare…and worst of all, I smelled strange.  I couldn’t stand it and told Dr. Post. She suggested Thermiva and all I can say is MIRACLE!!

After only one 30 minute treatment, I was no longer incontinent, only got up once during the night, and could wait four or five hours to use the restroom.

With the second treatment, I slept through the night and totally lost that “urgent feeling” during the day. I felt stronger, more confident and realized how nice and fresh I smelled!! I was so happy I actually cried.

The third session…I feel like I am 18 again.

Thank you Dr. Post. I am so very grateful.

Lisa B.



I admit I was skeptical – but I was desperate. After two kids, I peed when I laughed or sneezed, and my vagina had definitely seen better days (inside and out!).   It wasn’t until I saw galleries full of before-and-after pictures that I started to take ThermiVa seriously – and I am so glad I did. After just one treatment, I saw significant improvement in appearance, significantly increased tightness, and 100% elimination of my mild incontinence. I also experienced heightened sensitivity and increased lubrication. By the third treatment, I felt like I had the nether-region of a 25-year old! This procedure is hands-down…


Dr. Post

I cannot say enough about Dr. Post. It is obvious she loves being a physician. She truly wants to heal her patients and help them feel better about themselves. Is she fabulous with a Botox syringe? Of course. Can she erase lip lines without making you look like you were attacked by a swarm of killer bees? Absolutely. But, she is not some laser- and needle-wielding quack who cares only about the bottom line. She truly cares about her patients’ general well-being. Over the years I have been her patient, she has taken precious time to discuss everything from nutrition to mental health with me. Also, in addition to treating my wrinkles and just about every other age-related skin issue under the sun, she has treated my rosacea, my perioral dermatitis, and my melasma.  I trust her implicitly. Did I mention my kids love her?



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